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The original Daisy Pool Covers. Buy your pool cover online.

The original Daisy pool covers and rollers continue to be New Zealand’s favorite brand for all of your cover and roller needs for over 37 years. We offer New Zealand’s largest range of designs using only the highest quality materials, formulated to protect your pool all year round.

At Daisy, we stand behind our products and service with an impressive 10 year warranty on our 525 solar cover range, because we understand, listen and deliver customised solutions to what our customers really need.

Daisy Pool Covers have built our brand on quality and trust. We take pride in the extensive research and development that has gone into creating our award-winning, innovative Ultradome technology solar pool covers.

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Daisy 525 UltraDome+ pool covers are the premium choice for maximum heat, retention and durability. The 525 range is 525um (micron) and comes in a variety of stylish titanium colours to match pool landscapes and garden settings.

Our original polyethylene bubble layer design has been created to maximize heat retention whilst eliminating 97% of pool water evaporation, minimizing the sting of your water and electrical bills every summer season. Our Daisy Experts will help you every step of the way through choosing the right cover or roller for your specific pool.

Paired with the Daisy pool cover roller system, you will be confident that your pool will be protected and utilized from the hot summer months all the way through to the cooler winter. With more natural heat energy in, and less heat out, you will be able to enjoy your pool for longer.

Purchase your pool cover online, or contact our friendly, knowledgeable Daisy experts today!

  • Blue Solar Pool Cover

    $33.00 incl GST /m2
  • Deluxe Blue Solar Pool Cover

    $49.50 incl GST /m2
  • Deluxe Titanium Blue Solar Pool Cover

    $49.50 incl GST /m2
  • Titanium pool solar covers

    Titanium Blue Solar Pool Cover

    $33.00 incl GST /m2

Other ranges

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Daisy Pool Rollers are essential to the life and proper use of a Daisy Pool Cover. It takes just 30 seconds to roll the cover off or back onto the pool water using a swimming pool roller.

Daisy rollers are leaders in the market because we are the creators of the original Daisy roller technology, taking only 30 seconds to roll the cover on and off the length of your pool with only the click of a button. Daisy aim to take the stress and legwork out of choosing the right pool protection.

We welcome you to compare our Daisy covers and rollers. We know that our products and services are in no competition with others in the market. Our family owned company provides 5-star quality service. We strive to be the first choice you make for your pool protection.

Take a look at our rollers range below, or contact our friendly, knowledgeable Daisy experts today!