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The Daisy Range of Pool Accessories

Warranty: 10 Year Pro-rata

Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers, the trusted name in swimming pool equipment, offers a wide range of accessories to enhance your pool experience. Proudly serving customers throughout New Zealand, Daisy has earned a reputation as the go-to destination for high-quality pool accessories. With a strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Daisy has become NZ’s favorite pool product provider.

Whether you’re an experienced pool owner or new to aquatic leisure, Daisy Pool Accessories has something for everyone. Their selection caters to various pool maintenance needs and preferences, ensuring you enjoy your pool fully. From testing kits to cleaning equipment, Daisy Pool Accessories has it all. You can talk to our friendly team anytime to ensure you are getting the right products for your pool needs. We also have helpful videos on how to maintain your pool and ensure you get the most enjoyment out of it.

A standout feature of Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers is our commitment to delivering top-notch products directly to your doorstep nationwide. No matter where you are in the country, you can rely on prompt and efficient delivery services. Shop from home and have your favorite pool accessories delivered hassle-free.

Whether you want a sleek pool cover, efficient heating, or pool chemicals, Daisy Pool Accessories has you covered. We also have quality pool filters and pool vacuum systems as well as leaf scoops. Their team of experts helps you choose the right products for your specific needs, ensuring you make the most of your pool.

When it comes to enhancing your pool experience, Daisy is the name that Kiwis trust. With a range of pool products and nationwide delivery, we’re dedicated to making pool ownership enjoyable and convenient. Dive into a world of pool accessories and elevate your pool lifestyle with Daisy, the ultimate choice for New Zealand pool owners.

  • Aiper Seagull Pro robot pool cleaner cleaning pool walls & floor, from daisy Pools.

    Aiper Seagull Pro Pool Robot

    $1,299.00 incl GST Add to cart
  • Domestic swimming pool PH & Cl Test Kit

    $18.00 incl GST Add to cart
  • Flexible Vacuum Head for In Ground Swimming Pool

    $60.00 incl GST Add to cart
  • Handover Kit

    $270.00 incl GST Add to cart
  • Pool Leaf Scoop from daisy.

    Heavy Duty Plastic Leaf Scoop for Swimming Pools

    $45.00 incl GST Add to cart
  • Professional Wireless Pool Thermometer (300ft WIFI Range 90M)

    $55.00 incl GST Add to cart
  • Swimming pool Brush Vacuum Head

    Swimming Pool Brush Vacuum Head

    $52.00 incl GST Add to cart
  • The top mounted sand swimming pool filter from Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers is a premium filtration system.

    Swimming Pool Filters

    $535.00 incl GST Select options
  • Swimming pool vacuum flexi hose from daisy Pool Covers & Rollers in a coil.

    Swimming Pool Flexi Vacuum Hose

    $80.00$90.00 incl GST Select options
  • Domestic Pool Thermometer

    Swimming Pool Thermometer

    $12.95 incl GST Add to cart
  • Telescopic Pole for swimming pools

    Telescopic Pole for swimming pools

    $55.00 incl GST Add to cart
  • Refit Kit

    $35.00 incl GST Add to cart