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Daisy saves.

Daisy saves you more than just money

With over 30 years of history, the team at Daisy are pioneers in providing amazing swimming pool cover technology, design and quality to save costs, time and the environment.

As pioneers of Daisy Saves, we understand the benefits that our swimming pool covers and rollers deliver to both residential and commercial pools around New Zealand.

Our summers are the hallmark of our great Kiwi lifestyle.

Having a pool can be a heap of fun for the family, not to mention a great way to deal with an Kiwi summer.

However, swimming pool maintenance and cleaning can be a laborious and never-ending job. It is not only nice to have it sparkle and looking great, a cover is also critical for pool hygiene and safety.

Likewise, it is a laborious job ensuring your pool quality is maintained during the winter months too and that garden debris, dirt and leaves are also kept to a minimum.

Installing a Daisy swimming pool cover and roller can save you more than just money; you’ll be saving the sun’s natural warmth, water loss, heat loss, cleaning, chemicals, time, evaporation and your Daisy’s lifespan will be longer lasting, allowing you and your family to swim for longer.

Daisy can help you love your pool more and reduce water loss and running expenses.

Here’s six handy tips

  1. To make your swimming pool cover last longer, turn your pump on through the heat of the day to move around the chlorinated water sitting under the cover
  2. There can be more evaporation at night through wind so make sure you keep your cover on whenever not using the pool
  3. To remove leaves or small debris from your cover, sweep into the skimmer box
  4. If you don’t have a debris problem, cut your pool cover to water line (or less) to make it easier to put on.
  5. To put your cover on, just hold one corner and walk down the length of the pool. The other corner will fold under on most covers and will hold the rest of the cover above the water making it a breeze to put on
  6. Always roll the cover over the top of the pool roller.

Find out more about Daisy swimming pool covers and how we can help you Save by downloading our Fact Sheets.