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On the first Saturday of every month, remove your pool cover and test your pool water.

Without proper water maintenance, everything in the pool environment will deteriorate. Daisy aims to make more pool owners aware of this.

A pool cover is fantastic at stopping evaporation as well as chemical loss. However, they also need to be removed regularly to let the pool ‘breathe’ as well as to check the water chemistry.

Regardless of any fancy options some companies may offer, there is actually no alternative to removing the pool cover to let the pool breathe.

What are the contributing factors towards equipment and pool surface deterioration?

It simply comes back to pool maintenance and ensuring the chemical balance of the water. Think of it like buying a new car and never getting it serviced. Then, when the engine fails you might blame the air filter for killing the engine. It was not the fault of the air filter; it was the lack of maintenance of the car that made it fail. This is the same as a swimming pool. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid any adverse effects of the water being ‘out of balance’.

Don’t Set and Forget!

What the team at Daisy are introducing is a ‘Daisy Day’ in the off season (winter period), when the pool is not being used as much. “Daisy Day” is a regular reminder to you, as a pool owner. A reminder to remove the pool cover and also test the water at your local pool shop. From there, your pool shop can help you correct the pool’s water balance. This will help to extend the life of your pool equipment and pool finish.

Generally, this is not needed in the swimming season as the cover regularly comes off and on for swimming. This allows the pool to breathe.

When the swimming season finishes, a lot of us rarely enter our pool area. We often forget about looking after the pool and checking the water balance.

Daisy Day is being introduced as a reminder and a reason to check your pool. You will increase the longevity of your pool cover. You will also minimise the risk of damage to other pieces of pool equipment as well as the swimming pool surface.

What to do

On the first Saturday in August, Daisy encourages you to remove the pool cover for the day, as well as take a water sample down to your pool shop to get it tested.

Water Samples: To take a proper water sample, use a clean cup or bottle, with a cap if you’re taking it to the pool store. Hold it upside down so that the opening is facing the floor. Insert into the water elbow-deep and turn it right side up to collect the sample. Do not take the sample near any return jets or skimmer opening. Click here for additional water balance information from SPASA Australia.

Why is Daisy doing this? 

We want to help pool owners experience and maintain their swimming pools. So that more people will be enjoying their pools more often with much less headaches along the way.

Daisy is the market leader in pool covers. We are really aiming to educate the industry and wider community on what pool covers are and what they will and won’t do. There are a few misconceptions out there about adverse effects of a pool cover on the pool’s water balance or surface finish.

Independent verification of surface finish and equipment failures shows that the water balance of the pool is the contributing factor for all perceived negative outcomes.

Make sure you get on board with Daisy Day – your pool will certainly love you for it!