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Pre-Cut Covers & Dig Templates

If you have a pre-manufactured fibreglass style pool, Daisy can pre-cut the pool cover to size so you don’t have to.

Daisy uses an electronic 3D point capturing device to measure and accurately plot the data to help reproduce a pool cover to the EXACT shape of the pool. Then we robotically cut the pool cover to suit the pool, any shape for any pool (that we have the data for) complete with radius corners.
The data can be manipulated so the cover can be cut and supplied to fit waterline or oversize for an upturn.

Pre-cut covers save time in double handling. Not to mention that they give a perfect fit. The installer can install the cover onto the roller right after the pool is installed, even when there is no water in the pool! They don’t take us long to dispatch either.

Pre-cut Pool Covers
Any size – $75 GST INC

Please contact Daisy with your pool model and size and we can help you with a pre-cut pool cover or dig template!


Pre-Cut Covers Flyer



What is a Dig Template?

Daisy Dig Templates are useful in helping to accurately set out the pool location and mark out the dig on fibreglass pools.
Using the measured data, Daisy can cut a blue Sales Template or black Dig Template to accurately represent the pool shape. Have a special template size requirement for the shell, no problem Daisy can accommodate

Dig Templates are used to position the pool in the yard to get the sizing and positioning just right. It saves time and second guessing both the pool builder and customer will be able to see the pool and what it will look like in its actual setting.

Pre-cut spa and pool covers
Pre-cut spa and pool covers