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NZ’s solar pool covers are even better!

Introducing the deluxe solar pool cover by Daisy New Zealand.

Daisy Pool Covers have proven to be New Zealand’s most loved pool covers. They’re the perfect way to harness the heat of the sun this summer and keep your pool clean when not in use.

Now we have made them even better! The new deluxe option has protected edges to improve the longevity of your cover, a handy tow rope and float bar to make rolling out your Daisy cover an absolute breeze!

The Deluxe option includes 50mm PVC edging in a range of colours to match your pool cover and style. Available in Black, Blue or Silver, the edging protects your cover from the copings that overhang your pool, meaning your cover will last a lot longer. We have added a float bar (no more covers dipping under the water while you roll it out!) and you have the option of either White or Black end caps to accentuate the look of your pool. Lastly, we have added a handy tow rope! This comes in either 10m or 15m to match the length of your pool.

But it gets even better, the deluxe covers are available in both the Solar Covers and the ThermoTech covers. We’re also working on something special with our ThermoTech covers (more to come on this soon!)

And in case you didn’t already know the Daisy Solar Pool covers are available in a range of colours: Green, Blue, Titanium and Silver. They’re natural heating and insulating—a perfect way to keep your pool warm this summer!

So, if you want to make the most of this summer sun, harness its power with the use of a Daisy Solar Pool Cover and insulate it overnight. Did you know? Some of our customers have experienced an 8-degree increase in their water temps with the use of the Daisy Solar Pool Cover!

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  • Blue Solar Pool Cover

    $33.00 incl GST /m2
  • Deluxe Blue Solar Pool Cover

    $49.50 incl GST /m2
  • Deluxe Titanium Blue Solar Pool Cover

    $49.50 incl GST /m2
  • Titanium pool solar covers

    Titanium Blue Solar Pool Cover

    $33.00 incl GST /m2