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Breathable Pool Covers


Most pool owners will understand the importance of pool chemicals and maintenance, and the potential pitfalls of over-chlorination. An over-chlorination can be a serious health hazard and can cause lasting (and expensive) damage to your pool and pool equipment. Whilst chlorine is used to kill pathogens in the water, it releases harmful gases which can build up beneath a pool cover. It’s for this reason that it’s important for pool covers to be regularly removed and the water tested, to help maintain the chemical balance in the pool.

Systems like the Aquavent pool cover range are purported to help the pool vent or ‘breathe’ even when the cover is on. Aquavent pool blankets are made up of vented cells which are supposed to help chlorine gas to escape whilst still working as a solar cover. Our trademarked Ultradome™ solar pool cover range has also been specifically designed to be breathable and allow an oxygen transmission rate of approximately 500 cc/m2 over the course of 24 hours at 23°C. Not only will they help you to reduce your chemical usage, but they also outperform all others in terms of durability and insulation – stopping 99% of evaporation and heating your pool by up to 8°C (except non heating 525TC).

Our premium range of breathable pool covers are the superior choice for protecting and maintaining your pool. Proudly Australian made and with a 3-5 and 10 year pro-rata warranty, they will save you time and money and will help to prolong the life of your pool and pool cover.

That said, all breathable pool covers will still need to be regularly removed as part of your pool maintenance routine – don’t set and forget! Speak to your local Daisy Experts about maintenance and increase the longevity of your pool cover with Daisy Day.

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