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Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools with Decks


Searching for an above ground pool cover to go with a deck? Daisy has a range of options that will fit in seamlessly with your deck and pool area.

A quality pool cover can help to maximise usage of your pool whilst minimising cost and maintenance. Investing in a year-round or winter cover for an above ground pool with a partial deck will help to prevent heat loss, evaporation, chemical loss and will help to reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your pool.

When it comes to pool covers for above ground pools with decks, the most important thing is that they are well-fitted and customised to the size and shape of your pool.

Daisy’s range of products are ideal for fitting to above ground pools. All of our pool covers are lightweight, easy to install and offer complete peace of mind with long warranties.

Our Winterkleen range will keep dust and debris out of your pool and are an excellent choice for decked areas, as anything that collects on the surface of your pool can be easily swept away. In a decked area this is fast and simple to do! Our proudly Australian made solar pool covers are also a premium choice for heat retention, capable of warming your pool by up to 8°C and preventing 99% of evaporation from your pool, whilst our ThermoTech™ range has excellent insulation properties. Pairing your pool cover with an above ground pool roller can make removing and storing your pool cover fast and convenient. This is highly recommended and very useful when your pool is not inground, especially when it is surrounded by a deck. A manual or automatic pool roller can help to ensure that pool covers for above ground pools with decks don’t get snagged or damaged when you need to remove them.

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