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Pool Heating Blanket


Keep your pool warm with a pool heating blanket!

Did you know that the biggest cause of heat loss in pool’s is evaporation? An uncovered pool can experience significant heat and water loss from evaporation, sometimes as much as twice their entire volume a year, which can significantly increase the cost of maintaining your pool. If you have a heated pool, cover it with a solar or thermal pool cover!

Investing in a quality pool heating blanket will save you time and money. We have a range of pool covers with heat retention properties that can dramatically reduce evaporation and heat loss – even warming your pool!

If you’re looking to keep your pool warmer with a cover, then Daisy’s trademarked UltraDome™ technology pool covers are the premium choice for maximum heat, retention and durability. They will stop 99% of evaporation from your pool and can warm your pool by up to 8°C (except non heating 525TC) – if you’re paying to heat your pool with a gas heater or heat pump this can represent a huge cost saving!

Our solar pool covers are available in different grades of thickness and a range of different colours. They’re lightweight and easy to install and can be customised to fit the size and shape of your pool.

Additionally, Daisy’s ThermoTech™ thermal foam pool covers are also effective for retaining the heat in your pool. They are designed to act as an insulating, made from thick and durable foam sandwiched between UV stabilised, polyethylene based polyfabric Canvacon film. They are highly durable and can help to prevent heat loss and evaporation.

Our original and best pool covers designed for heat retention can help you to save on water, chemicals, cleaning and water. Browse our complete range of pool heating blankets below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]