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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you struggle with leaves, dirt or other debris in your pool? Keeping an uncovered pool clear of excess debris can be a time-consuming job. For many pool owners in Australia, leaf and debris pool covers are an excellent option. Weather conditions are often warm enough that heat loss is not a huge concern, but keeping debris at bay can be a big challenge. A leaf net cover can help to keep debris from blowing into your pool. Leaf catcher pool covers are usually designed in a way that allows water to flow through, this is to stop it from collecting on top of your pool and makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

Daisy’s original and best Winterkleen range of mesh leaf covers for your pool are the perfect solution for keeping pools clean and clear of debris year-round. Designed to be installed over your pool, they basically work as pool leaf catcher nets, ensuring that any debris that blows onto your pool is collected and easily swept away whilst allowing water and rain into the pool.

Made from quality mesh, our range of swimming pool leaf nets can be customised to suit your exact specifications and can be cut to perfectly fit the size and shape of your pool, this ensures a snug fit so that debris can not blow under and get trapped underneath. Swimming pool leaf net covers are suitable for both inground and above ground pools and can easily be fitted into place by one person. They are secured place with tie-down toggles and hardware and will sit ‘over’ your pool, which means you can pair your pool leaf guard with another cover for maximum benefit – our Winterkleen range works well in conjunction with our solar pool covers which are capable of heating your pool by up to 8°C.

Our leaf net pool cover products are all backed by years of research and have been designed and tested to stand up to Australian conditions. They are extremely durable and all of our pool leaf nets come with an 8 year pro-rata warranty.

Extremely lightweight, our swimming pool leaf covers can be easily removed and stored away when needed, making them an excellent option when space is limited. Ready to find a leaf catcher pool cover to suit your needs? Discover our complete range of swimming pool leaf net covers below. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]