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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Looking for a mesh swimming pool cover to protect your pool? Many pool owners will appreciate the benefits of a mesh winter pool cover during the colder months when swimming pools are not in regular use. Mesh winter pool covers are typically made from fine material which prevents leaves and debris from entering your pool. They’re a popular choice for pool owners trying to minimise cleaning and maintenance during the off-season and can help keep your pool in good shape so that it’s ready to use in summer.

Daisy’s range of original and best Winterkleen mesh safety pool covers can be customised to suit the size and shape of your pool. They are designed to be fit snugly over your pool and ensure that any debris that blows into your pool can be easily swept away. Our mesh swimming pool covers work well in conjunction with our award winning Ultradome solar pool covers which are capable of heating your pool and preventing 99% of evaporation.

With exception for solar heating and insulation properties, our WinterKleen mesh pool covers deliver on all of the ‘Daisy Saves’ benefits. Mesh pool cover installation is very simple thanks to their lightweight design and they can easily be installed and stored away when not in use.

Ready to find a mesh winter pool cover to suit your needs? Discover our complete range below. You can find the mesh pool cover cost for your pool by selecting your favourite product and entering your pool’s dimensions for an instant quote or get in touch with us today.