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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Rectangular pools are a popular choice in Australia. It’s easy to understand why, they’re a classic, streamlined shape and are unbeatable when it comes to functionality and aesthetics.

Not only are rectangular pools a timeless choice, but they’re also extremely practical – they’re shape maximises space for swimming which is great for smaller backyards or for pool owners who want to use their pool for swimming laps. The simple, geometric shape makes it very easy to cut and install pool covers, which means you’ll find a vast range of rectangle pool cover options available to you.

They are by far the simplest shape for installing automatic pool cover options, and make operation simple and easy. The streamlined shape greatly reduces the chances of damaging your pool cover, and makes them much easier to roll onto a pool roller.

Daisy’s range of rectangle pool cover products include our premium solar covers, Thermotech™ foam covers, slat covers and Winterkleen mesh covers which can all be cut to shape to fit your pool. You can also save time with our range of pre-cut pool covers, which are robotically cut to fit the exact size of common pool shapes on pre-manufactured fiberglass pools.

Depending on the features of the product you choose, your rectangle pool cover can help to reduce evaporation and heat loss, keep debris away and can help to reduce your chemical use. A quality rectangle pool cover will maximise the life of your pool and ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your pool during the swimming season. Discover our full range of rectangle pool covers below.