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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Looking for a swimming pool winter cover to protect your pool this winter?

Daisy’s range of original and best winter pool covers will save you time and money. Heavy duty winter pool covers can help to protect your pool from dust and debris during the winter months and can be customised to suit the exact specifications of your pool.

Winter pool covers in Australia are a popular choice for pool owners looking to minimise the amount of time spent cleaning during the non-swimming seasons. They are designed to be fit over the pool like a net and can prevent debris from getting into the pool whilst allowing water to enter, reducing the effort needed to keep your pool clean and in good condition.

Our Winterkleen mesh range is designed to fit over your pool and so that any debris that collects can be easily swept away. They work well in conjunction with our solar bubble covers which are capable of actively heating your pool by up to 8°C, helping to make you pool comfortable to swim in, even in the off-season months.
With exception for solar heating and insulation properties, these WinterKleen pool covers deliver on all of the ‘Daisy Saves’ benefits. They are very lightweight and can easily be installed and stored away when not in use.

Ready to find a winter pool cover to suit your needs? Discover our complete range of winter pool covers on sale below.