Deluxe Thermotech Blue 4.5mm

Starting at $73.00 incl GST /m2

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Deluxe Thermotech Blue 4.5mm

Starting at $73.00 incl GST /m2

The 4.5mm ThermoTech pool cover is the thickest thermal cover on the market and retains up to 70% more heat!

This deluxe option features a premium PVC edging finish! The edging is available in Blue, Black or Silver and improves the longevity of your cover. It helps to protect your cover from the copings that overhang your pool.  Your deluxe cover also comes with a float bar and tow rope to improve the rollout process.

Daisy ThermoTech™ thermal foam pool covers are made from crosslinked polyolefin foam sandwiched between two layers of UV stabilised, polyethylene based polyfabric Canvacon film – making the cover reversible in the right installations.

Please note: The float bar isn’t suitable for curved or kidney-shaped pools.

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The layers are flame bonded (top and bottom) together and are extremely resistant to delamination, even at high temperatures. The composite is free of heavy metals, plasticisers and CFCs and has a working temperature range of -40C degrees to +70C degrees.

Daisy ThermoTech™ foam pool covers have a R-value (thermal resistance) of 0.13 m2/K.
The closed cell foam layer provides excellent insulation and water repellence properties is resistant to chemical degradation, while the outer woven layers gives the pool cover its superior strength and durability.

ThermoTech’s thick insulation helps retain the heat in your pool and reduce evaporation. Note: Thermal covers are insulating covers that do not heat the water.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 450 × 450 × 1350 mm

Golden Oak, Ivory