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WinterKleen Pool Cover Colour Range

Autumn and Winter bring a lot of gusty winds as well as additional leaves to our backyard and pool areas. Here in New Zealand we are lucky enough to have a number of evergreen gardens, however, if you have a lot of deciduous trees at your property, you’ll know the struggle of trying to keep you pool clear year round.

This is where the WinterKleen Debris Covers come in! They are the ideal choice for pools that experience excess garden and leaf debris. These pool covers are installed over your pool so that any debris that’s collected on the cover can be blown off or easily swept away.

Remember, the Daisy WinterKleen range work well in conjunction with the UltraDome™ bubble solar pool cover over the winter months.

These are available in a range of colours, so you can choose the option that best suits the aesthetic of your outdoor area.

If you need help measuring your WinterKleen, contact us today. For a refresher video on installing a WinterKleen, check out our video below.