Daisy Power – Squat Profile

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Daisy Power – Squat Profile

Starting at $2,350.00$2,500.00 incl GST

The Daisy Power Series is a part of our electric pool cover roller range that offer the convenience of an electric roller without taking up too much space beside your pool. An easy-to-use electric option, it rolls up your pool cover in minutes with just the press of a button.

Max width 6.1m

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DP Daisy Power Series an easy to use option

Power or Solar?
Standard power rollers are available with a battery operated electric pool cover roller and an AC charger, two remotes and mounted control buttons on the end frame. For a more environmentally friendly option, they are also available with a solar panel. Re-charging your power roller using the sun means your pool cover roller is always ready to go.

Retrofit to your existing Daisy roller!
The Daisy Power can be retrofitted to most existing Daisy rollers, allowing you to upgrade your existing pool cover roller at any time.

Daisy Power Roller models available:

  • ST – standard height
  • SQ – squat profile
  • Wall mount
  • Retro kit for existing rollers
  • Solar panel kit.


2 year warranty on electrical

1 year warranty on battery

5 year warranty on roller

Download our Daisy Power Roller Brochure or click here to check out our Daisy Roller video.

Visit our Resource Centre and FAQs for further information.

Installation guide available here

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 450 × 400 × 350 mm